Grove Services mission is to transform the existing protein trading industry into a dynamic marketplace powered by technology

About Us

  Grove Services, Inc is a premier international frozen protein distributor and supplier. Our President Mr. Victor Spivak, began making his mark on this industry in 1993 by developing the post-cold war market for poultry in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Victor continued to be a major marketer of US poultry to Eastern European countries for many years as the region quickly grew into one of the world’s largest importers of protein. In 2001, Grove Services opened a new office in the suburbs of Boston, and since then, we have added more locations across the globe. To better diversify the business, we opened our Atlanta, USA office in 2005 and today it serves as our primary global trading location. We continue to look on expanding our ever-growing world presence. Our reach is increasingly global, and we continue to improve our ability to serve the needs of our customers and suppliers. Our expanded presence also helps us keep ahead of constant changes in the protein industry, making us a valuable resource for information should our partners wish to capitalize on new ideas, services, markets, or products. Today, our multi-cultural, multi-lingual team does business in over 70 countries.


When it comes to delivering a shipment, businesses and livelihoods depend on us to do it successfully. We take that trust seriously, which is why the most important task of our logistics experts is ensuring each shipment gets delivered on time and on budget. Our expert team is utilizing the latest shipping software to manage your shipments and communicate critical information.


With the development of our corporate software application, we will achieve a more effective way to communicate with our global partners. This application will help Grove Services structure a more innovative approach to trade finance, negotiations, and contract management. Our seamless information solutions will help incorporate a digital technology foundation to make everyone more successful in their respective roles while creating value for the partnership.

Global Partners

Our products come in many quality grades that must be verified and reflected in the contracted price, and it’s very important for all partners to have a full understanding of what they’re contracting. That’s why we employ experts to ascertain real-time quality and price for each product and contract negotiated.

“I always thought that leaders were to be followed but after many years of trial and error, I firmly understand to be a great leader is to allow people to lead themselves.”

Victor Spivak

CEO / President